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Free Drop-in Clinics at Barking Riverside and Thames View

Drop-in Clinic flyerMonthly Drop-in Clinics are available for the next few months in the Barking Riverside and Thames View area; where residents can speak to a doctor without booking an appointment, whilst also being able to interact with a variety of wellbeing and community services.

The Drop-in Clinics are available to residents once a month for the next four months.
The Drop-in Clinics offer a holistic approach to health via the provision of complimentary wellbeing and community services, many of which are provided by community groups or third-sector partners. This is reflective of the emerging Model of Care for the neighbourhood, where the intention is to fundamentally embed social prescribing into the clinical model. This Model of Care has been developed as the foundation of the Health and Wellbeing Hub that will be built at Barking Riverside, and so the Drop-in Clinics aim to replicate the eventual experience that residents will have.

For the Drop-in Clinics, local doctors are generously donating their time, and numerous organisations have agreed to work together in order to provide a range of services to residents. Funding to organise, host and promote the Drop-In Clinics has been provided by Barking Riverside Limited (BRL) and Barking and Dagenham Council.

Drop-in Clinic servicesOther partners include Thames Life, who have meticulously planned each Drop-in Clinic, and Aurora Medcare, who provide GP facilities in Thames View.

The first Drop-in Clinic has already taken place on Friday 12th May 2023 at 'Everyone's Warehouse' on Thames Road. Whilst waiting to be seen by the doctor, the residents who attended were able to enjoy a number of pop-up stalls offering children’s activities to occupy youngsters, massages to relax individuals, and many community services offering important assistance.
The list of services available at each Drop-in Clinic includes: health checks, social wellbeing advice, talking therapy, cost of living advice, hand & shoulder massages, diabetes checks, blood pressure checks and council advice.

The next Drop-in Clinic is on Friday 9th June, 12pm-6pm, at The Rivergate Centre.

Future Drop-in Clinics are:
9th June, 12pm-6pm, at The Rivergate Centre
14th July, 12pm-6pm, at Thames Community Hub
11th August,12pm-6pm, at Thames Community Hub
8th September, 12pm-6pm, at The Rivergate Centre
13th October, 12pm-6pm, at Thames Community Hub

PLEASE NOTE: The Drop-in Clinics are not suitable for any emergencies or life-threatening risks. If you need urgent medical assistance, please call 999 in the first instance.