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The Barking Riverside Community Fund offers funding for residents to deliver a project that will benefit the community.
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Please give information for each item you need, a quantity count for each item, a description of each item's use and a cost for each item. Please note that hiring space at Barking Riverside will need to be covered by the funding awarded to grantees.

Applicants will be shortlisted by the BRL Community Fund Steering Group. Those who have been shortlisted will be asked to attend a 30-minute informal interview with two members of the Steering Group. 

By submitting this application form to The BRL Community Fund, I, hereby confirm that to the best of my knowledge all the information provided on this application is accurate and correct.   

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(b) (if my application is successful) to give details of the grant, and to share any photographs provided by me, on Barking Riverside Limited’s website, social media, annual report etc. 

I agree to advise Barking Riverside Limited immediately if, at any time before an award is made to me, there are significant changes in the information given by me on this form. 

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