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03 Apr 2019 | Community News

Young Foundation Partnership

The Young Foundation are working in partnership with BRL to find out what local residents’ hopes and dreams are now and in the future.

Four local people, passionate about the positive impacts that the development of Barking Riverside should have for all of the Thames Ward have been recruited. Our team of researchers are all people who live or work in the area, they are Laila, Fatuma, Thomas and Lizzy who will work alongside three BRL staff researchers.

The aim is co-create a framework that helps residents to measure whether or not BRL is changing things for the better and is keeping their promises. It is exciting to see collaboration between people and the developer happening at such a high level, and the hope is that this work will set transparent goals for the development that local people know and understand.

There are lots of opportunities for local residents to share their views and get involved.

Be sure to look out for the research team over the next five months at local events and in the public spaces of Thames Ward.

If you are interested to find out more, please speak to Hannah: [email protected]