Innovation & Ecology – a place of creativity and big thinking

Whether it's how you heat your home, or dispose of your rubbish, how you travel to work, or where your food comes from, Barking Riverside is redefining conventions.

This is a place where people are inspired by a new way of thinking and living, fit for a changing world.

The aim is to make Barking Riverside a better place to live now and long into the future by adopting and supporting initiatives that reflect the needs of our rapidly changing world. It is a place where residents are actively encouraged to participate and contribute to a better future.


Mitigating the development's carbon footprint, Envac is a pioneering automated underground waste disposal system serving the new homes at Barking Riverside.

The largest system of its kind in the world, Barking Riverside’s Envac system will transform residents' approach to waste, virtually eradicating the need for waste disposal vehicles on site.

The Wilds at Barking Riverside

A new Ecology Centre and public space, The Wilds hosts a regular programme of workshops, exhibitions and events. It features a coffee shop run by a local cooperative, co-working space and areas available to hire. Now open to residents and visitors.

The Wellbeing Hub

Co-designed with a resident group, this brand new health facility will sit within the heart of the District Centre at Barking Riverside.

It will integrate a contemporary GP surgery with a new leisure centre, a state-of-the-art pool and various community spaces. Providing a new model of health and wellbeing for the area, the facility is the flagship project associated with Barking Riverside's status as London's only Healthy New Town.

Barking Riverside

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