Infrastructure works for the installation of fire hydrants commence Monday 3rd July

These are taking place around Argent House and will temporarily impact the pathways and car park access.

Construction works around Argent House

From Monday 3rd July, BRL are undertaking work to improve the network of fire hydrants around Argent House. These important works are designed to maintain and improve access to a pressurised water supply. The works will impact the pathways and car park entrance to the south and east of the building.

To keep disturbance to a minimum, full parking and access for vehicles and residents will be maintained. Minor temporary diversion and traffic management measures will however need to be implemented.

A full traffic management plan for vehicle and pedestrian movement will be provided for each phase of work.

The works are expected to take 6 weeks.

Plan of works

Please refer to the staging plan below, detailing the phase order for this planned works.

Starting from Monday 3rd July, our appointed contractors Gallaghers will undertake construction work from the main road and the phases shown below. Each phase is expected to last approximately 4 to 5 days, with the contractor moving on to the subsequent phase the following week.

Fire Hydrants work around Argent House

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