Handley Page Road improvement works

BRL is planning to undertake a number of improvement works at Handley Page Road, mainly aimed at targeting serious health and safety concerns.

Improvement works at Handley Page Road

BRL is planning to undertake a number of improvement works at Handley Page Road, mainly aimed at targeting serious health and safety concerns caused by unauthorised driving and parking in the area.

Why are these works necessary?

Health and safety concerns have increased in recent years, making the need for improved safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists more pressing.

Handley Page Road was originally intended to be a bus-only route. In reality, this road has been used by general vehicles and for parking. This has caused severe damage to pedestrian areas, ultimately creating trip hazards. A new traffic and parking enforcement needs to be put in place to significantly reduce the health and safety risks currently existing in the area.

What will the works be and what will the changes in the area be?

Changes to Handley Page Road will include:

• Repairs of the pedestrian pavements.
• A new road access and layout.
• Installation of a new zebra crossing.
• Installation of a “parklet”, which will provide new planters, landscaping and seating for residents.

These works will be secured by a temporary planning application issued by LBBD for up to five years. The situation on Handley Page Road will then be reviewed at the end of this period.


These planned improvement works are due to begin in April 2024.

In order for the Contractor to have appropriate access, Handley Page Road must be cleared of unauthorised parking prior to this date. This will involve a legal notice (a “Tort Notice”) being placed on cars that appear to be abandoned along Handley Page Road, notifying the owners that these cars need to be removed within 28 days. Failure to comply with this may result in the vehicles being removed.

Once the 28 days has expired, and all the vehicles have been safely removed from the area, parking will continue to be fully suspended across Handley Page Road until the works are complete. The timeline of works, provided below, sets out when these changes will come into effect.

What is the timeline for these changes to take place?

Introductory parking management starts (notification to remove vehicles within 28 days via a “Tort Notice”)
w/c 22 April
Full parking management, with parking penalties (to coincide with the start of planned improvement works)
w/c 29 April
Planned improvement works started by Contractor (with traffic management measures)
Completion of planned improvement works (new layout complete and permanent parking management begins)

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