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Infrastructure updates

Linear ParkThis year has already seen considerable landmarks completed by the infrastructure team, as we continue to make headway in delivering new homes and facilities at Barking Riverside. Critical developments have taken place across the site, with highlights such as Linear Park, Road 14, and a new wildlife habitat all in progress.

Linear Park is a new piece of public realm in the next housing phase currently being developed between Northgate and Stage 2 Boulevard. Linear Park, which will offer a pedestrian route, and seating areas with outdoor furniture, is being delivered in sections, with both sections 1 and 2 taking shape with great progress.
Work started in the area in January 2023, and as of July 2023, 35% of the park is completed, with the 100% completion date set for Summer 2024. Within the established area, work is currently focused on soft landscape, and various forms of play equipment such as balance beams and swings, with final finishes set to come.
When finished, Linear Park will house 1,694 units, and welcome approximately 3,000 new residents to Barking Riverside.

Road 14Roads are an important factor in connecting areas together and making places more accessible, which is why it’s hugely beneficial to see Road 14’s phase 1 now complete. This road acts as the first step to providing infrastructure for the next plots south of the Boulevard. The delivery of this vital road framework enables the continued development of critically needed new homes at Barking Riverside.
Road 14 will hugely support the next phase of development, and will make transferring materials from phase to phase much quicker. As part of works on this new road, the infrastructure team has adopted an innovative engineering method for the kerb formation, enabling works to be completed sooner, while maintaining build quality.

SerpentineWildlife considerations are consistently central in the delivery of Barking Riverside, and with construction going full steam ahead on houses and roads, there’s also great effort put into protecting the unique ecosystem present here.
A bespoke wildlife habitat, called the Serpentine, is currently under development at Barking Riverside. The Serpentine will provide a safe shelter and ideal living conditions for local fauna, particularly the population of water voles.
The Serpentine is located on the north east edge of the site, at the junction of Northgate Road and Choats Road.

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