About the fund

Find out if you are able to apply for the Barking Riverside Community Fund.

The Barking Riverside Community Fund offers funding for residents to deliver a project that will benefit the community. 

BRL has a pot of £16,000 to award per annum.  

How much can applicants apply for?

Applicants can apply for up to £1,500. 

BRL will give a maximum payment of £500 to successful applicants. Anything that is above £1,000 will be reserved for grantees to spend on room hire at Barking Riverside, or substantial items that can be bought by BRL on behalf of the grantee. This does not apply to constituted groups. 

When can I apply?

  • The application round is currently close. Please visit this page again in the future.

Who can apply?

  • Individuals who live in Thames View, Scrattons Farm, and Barking Riverside.
  • Thames Ward based organisations.

Projects must address one or more of Barking Riverside residents’ priority areas:

  1. Keep residents connected with their neighbours
  2. Amplify the voices of residents 
  3. Improve health and wellbeing locally 
  4. Make Barking Riverside and Thames View a safe place 
  5. Make it easy for residents to get where they need to go
  6. Make Barking Riverside and Thames View a place that residents are proud to call home
  7. Support residents to achieve their potential
  8. Put Barking Riverside and Thames View on the map and encourage friends and family to spend time there
  9. Encourage residents to spend time enjoying natural spaces and wildlife 


What is the Barking Riverside Community Fund?

The Barking Riverside Community Fund is a grant giving scheme that offers up to £1,500 to residents who would like to deliver a project that will benefit the community. Any resident living in Barking Riverside, Thames View or Scrattons Farm can make an application. Organisations and charities are also welcome to apply to the Fund.

Do I have to be part of an organisation or charity to apply?

No – applicants do not have to be part of an organisation or charity to apply to the Community Fund.

How often does the Community Fund open for applications?

The Community Fund opens three times a year. Please check our website or social media accounts for announcements on when applications open.

What is Thames Futures and how is it related to the Community Fund?

Thames Futures is our social impact framework that enables BRL to respond to the needs and desires of residents. Central to Thames Futures is the Community Vision which was established with residents back in 2019. It outlines key priorities locally and is updated on a yearly basis depending on what residents tell us about how things have changed and progressed. There are 9 areas that make up the Community Vision:

1. Keep me connected with my neighbours
2. Make my voice heard and acted upon
3. Improve my health and wellbeing
4. Be a safe place for me and my neighbours
5. Make it easy for me to get to where I need to go
6. Be a place I'm proud to call home
7. Support me to achieve my potential
8. Be somewhere my friends and family are excited to spend time
9. Love and care for its natural and outdoor spaces

All Community Fund applications must show that their projects will address at least one of the key priorities set out in the Thames Futures Community Vision.

What is the application process?

Applicants are required to submit a written application. Written applications will be marked, and those that have been successful will be invited to a 30 minute in-person interview with two members of the Community Fund Steering Group. After the interview stage, successful grantees will be selected.

Who will judge my application?

The Community Fund Steering Group is made up of two resident representatives, two Councillors from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and two members of Barking Riverside staff team.

I need help with my application, can you support me?

Yes – we can answer questions and give guidance on written applications for those that need support.

What is the maximum amount of money that I can apply for?

The maximum grant is £1,500. Residents can apply for an amount that is less than £1,500 ifs their project does not require the maximum grant.

If residents are not applying on behalf of a charity or organisation, a maximum of £500 will be transferred directly into their account only. The remaining funds will be held by BRL and spent on their behalf. Grantees will tell BRL what they need to buy, and BRL will make the purchase on behalf of the resident.

Do I have to account for hire fees in my budget if I am using The Rivergate Centre or The Wilds?

Yes – hire fees for all spaces where the projects are planned to take place must be included in your budget.

I have applied to the Community Fund before, can I apply again?

Yes – applicants can apply more than once to the Community Fund. If the applicant has not been successful previously, the Steering Group will want to see that improvements have been made in the application.

If an applicant has been successful previously, the Steering Group will want to see how the second application builds on the success of the project. They will also want to see that the viability of the project has been developed so that it can be delivered without the support of BRL in the long-term future.

If I am not successful, will you provide me with feedback?

Yes – written feedback is given to all applicants. More in-depth feedback will also be given at the request of applicants.

Are there any health and safety requirements that I must consider when delivering my project?

Yes – all projects must submit a risk assessment and method statement. Depending on the project, there may be other requirements including a proof of insurance, DBS check or other documentation. All health and safety requirements will be outlined with successful applicants, and support will be given to meet these, if necessary. Funds will only be transferred to grantees once all health and safety requirements have been met and signed off by the BRL team.

Will BRL help to promote my project?

Yes – BRL will help to promote Community Fund projects via our social media channels. Grantees are encouraged to share their communications materials with BRL so that they can put them onto BRL social media channels. We require good quality imagery to include in social media promotions.

If I am successful, how long do I have to spend the funds and deliver my project?

All grantees have 6 months to deliver the project that has been outlined in their application form.

Do I have to report on how the delivery of my project went?

Yes – once the project has come to an end, grantees must write a short evaluation which outlines how the project went, along with any plans for the future. Support will be offered to deliver the evaluation if required.

Please direct any questions about the Barking Riverside Community Fund to info@barkingriverside.london