Placemaking in practice

BRL’s placemaking vision is anchored on nine ‘Big Ideas’ that run through the very core of Barking Riverside as a place and as a community.

Barking Riverside is taking shape

Delivering a state-of-the-art infrastructure:
Healthy New Town

Building on our legacy as London's only Healthy New Town

Be, Become, Belong

A place made better by people like you

Cultural Canvas

Art and culture on every corner

Barking Made

High streets that reflect what really matters

Be Playful

Exploring our environment in ways that make us smile

A Destination Like No Other

Proud to say “I'm from Barking Riverside”

We are Riversiders

Reconnecting a new generation to the River Thames

Wild in the Urban

Retaining the wild and welcoming the new

The Future of Food

Reimagining how communities eat, grow and share

The Big Ideas will be delivered on the ground through specific interventions that bring to life key buildings and spaces, offering a range of public benefits.

Working in this way will deliver distinctive neighbourhoods that are vibrant and lively and help to shape the place identity that residents and local people will connect with.

Barking Riverside

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